Friday, January 27, 2017

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

This cowboy caviar is a colorful and hearty dip that’s loaded with beans, avocado and veggies, all tossed in a zesty homemade sauce. It’s the excellent make-ahead dish for a potluck!

Cowboy caviar is a fresh and flavorful dip that is wonderful with tortilla chips. If you have a huge crowd to feed, other appetizers that you can serve are garlic knots or beer brat bites.

I really like a hearty dip, and this colorful cowboy caviar never disappoints. It’s loaded with distinct kinds of beans and veggies in the most delightful dressing. I make this cowboy caviar as an appetizer, side dish, and it’s perfect to carry to a potluck or picnic.

How Do You Make Cowboy Caviar?

This recipe is as straightforward as tossing with each other corn, beans, black eyed peas, tomatoes, peppers, onion and avocado in a easy dressing. For ease sake, I use canned black beans and black eyed peas, but you can also use frozen black eyed peas if necessary.

Suggestions for cowboy caviar

Cowboy Caviar Variations

While I generally serve my cowboy caviar as a dip, at times I like to add far more elements to turn it into much more of a meal. There are so many various methods to customize cowboy caviar!

Can I freeze cowboy caviar?

I wouldn’t suggest freezing this dip. Whilst the beans will hold up just fine in the freezer, the tomatoes and avocado will not fare as effectively. I’d advocate basically generating your dip 1-2 days prior to your occasion to conserve on some prep time, then retailer it tightly covered in the fridge.

After you try out this recipe, you’ll find yourself producing it on a typical basis. It’s wonderful for entertaining, but also perfect for a lighter lunch option.

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