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Steak fingers

Steak fingers

Plowing via Life in the Nation. 1 Calf Nut at a Time

Steak Fingers with Gravy

by The Pioneer Woman on July 9, 2012

When my nephews Nic and Stu came to the ranch to visit a few weeks ago, they worked cattle, constructed fence, hauled hay, mowed, weedeated, and passed out from exhaustion by 7 each and every evening. They also got poison ivy, a number of hundred chigger bites, and plenty of scratches from the barbed wire. Marlboro Man and I love developing pleased recollections for them every single summer time!

Nic and Stu also ate my cooking, and on the night ahead of they went back to Dallas I produced steak fingers and gravy—quite probably the most fitting meal to feed two teenage boys following a prolonged two weeks of tough labor.

They ate it. They loved it. Then they hugged me and stated they’d be back soon.

It was music to this crazy ol’ auntie’s ears.

Here’s what you need: Tenderized round steak or cube steak reduce into strips, flour, seasoned salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, ground thyme, milk, and egg.

And canola oil and butter for frying.

And a wonderful big appetite.

It cracks me up that you use finger steak to make steak fingers.

I believe we need to just consider the word “finger” out of there and call it a day.

In any occasion, melt some butter with some canola oil in a skillet over medium to medium-high heat.

Include some flour to a baking dish or pie pan…

And sprinkle in some seasoned salt…

Some pepper and ground thyme…

And some cayenne pepper for a minor spice, child.

Can I call you baby?

Stir together the flour mixture, schnookums.

Can I get in touch with you schnookums?

Subsequent, pour some milk into a dish…

Whip the milk and aigs with each other and set this aside.

Throw the strips 1 by one particular into cube steak into the flour…

And flip ’em in excess of to coat ’em.

Soon after that, rapidly dip the strips in the egg/milk mixture.

Lastly, throw ’em back into the flour mixture and flip it over to coat them.

Lay the strips on a plate as you bread them and carry on right up until all the strips are breaded.

Heat some canola oil and a little butter in a skillet in excess of medium-substantial heat and fry them right up until golden brown on one particular side…

Then flip them over and fry them right up until they’re accomplished.

Remove them to a paper towel-lined plate as you fry them. Preserve going till they’re all completed!

To make the gravy, pour off all the grease in the skillet, then add back in about one/4 cup and turn the heat to medium-low.

Sprinkle on a number of tablespoons of the flour mixture.

Whisk it collectively right up until it’s a smooth paste (include more flour if it’s as well greasy) and allow the paste brown just a bit. (Those bits in the roux are pieces of the breading from the steak fingers. They’ll be yummy in the gravy!)

Pour in a couple of cups of milk, whisking collectively the total time.

Allow the gravy cook for a few minutes, including in a lot more salt and pepper (taste as you go!) If it will get too thick/grainy hunting, just splash in a small much more milk.

Steak fingers and gravy are yummy with mashed potatoes or biscuits, of program. But in the sizzling summertime, cold grapes are fairly considerably the ideal pairing.

Enjoy this basic meal, guys! Children and grownups love it.

Here’s the useful printable:

Steak Fingers & Gravy

June 29, 2012 474

Combine flour, seasoned salt, pepper, and cayenne in a dish.

Whisk with each other milk and eggs in a separate dish.

To bread the meat, very first dredge in flour, then dip speedily in egg mixture, then put back into the flour to coat on each sides. Proceed right up until all the meat is breaded.

Heat canola oil with two tablespoons butter in a large skillet more than medium to medium-substantial heat. Fry steak strips four or 5 at a time, turning midway by way of. When golden brown, eliminate from the pan to a paper towel-lined plate. Continue right up until all the meat is carried out. Cover loosely with foil to hold warm.

To make the gravy, pour off all the grease from the pan. Include one/4 cup of the grease back in, then sprinkle on two to 4 tablespoons of the flour mixture (or you can use fresh flour.) Whisk mixture until it turns into a paste (include far more flour if you need to have to) and cook the paste more than medium-low heat until finally it truly is deep golden brown. Pour in milk, whisking consistently. Let the gravy to cook and thicken, whisking routinely and including more milk if it would seem as well thick proper off the bat.

Season gravy with salt and pepper.

Serve steak fingers with gravy and a salad. Yum!

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Mirror glaze

Mirror glaze

Mirror glaze is a stunning technique to decorate mousse cakes, entremets, and pastries. Deeply rooted in French tradition of haute pastry, this basic and simple approach will give your pastries a skilled polish.

Mirror glaze is glossy and smooth with a sheen you can see your reflection in


Tends to make sufficient to glaze about half a dozen ten-inch cakes. You always want to have an extra of glaze, which you can conserve for future desserts.

1/2 cups)
300 grams sugar (11.5 ounces,

1 1/two cups)
200 grams condensed milk (7 ounces,

2/3 cups)

  • 19 grams powdered gelatin (.seven ounces)

  • one tablespoon vanilla extract

  • gel meals dye

  • unglazed frozen cake, such as milk peach entremet

  • Particular Tools


    Entirely freeze your cake overnight. It have to be frozen totally sound ahead of pouring the glaze. Consider to smooth out the leading and sides as significantly as achievable as any imperfection will demonstrate by means of the glaze.

    When your cake is ready, begin to put together the mirror glaze. Bloom the gelatin in cold water and set it aside whilst you heat the liquids.

    Rapidly sprinkle the gelatin into the water and whisk collectively right up until it commences to thicken

    Let this mixture sit and bloom until it completely gels and hardens

    Meanwhile, prepare the glaze base.

    Deliver the water, sugar, and condensed milk to a gently simmer

    Turn off the heat and stir the bloomed gelatin into the mixture. Pass this mixture through the sieve to take away any gelatin clumps.

    Pour the mixture more than the chocolate until finally it dissolves

    This must get about five-ten minutes for all of the chocolate to entirely melt. Use an immersion blender totally submerged into the liquid to keep away from introducing any air bubbles. Blend this until finally the whole mixture is smooth and homogenous.

    Blend the meals dye into the mirror glaze

    Let the mirror glaze to cool to the target temperature, which is about 92°F (33°C). Make sure you stir periodically to prevent a film from forming on the top.

    When the glaze is between 90°F and 94°F (32°C - 34°C), it is ready to be poured above the cake. At this level be extremely cautious not to introduce bubbles because the glaze is really viscous and they will not pop on their very own. You must manually pop them or strain the mixture by means of a sieve.

    For domes, merely drizzle a bit of the glaze more than each dome.

    Pour the mirror glaze over your frozen cake

    For glazing round cakes, pour the glaze in a circular motion from the center, then scrape off the leading with a flat spatula.

    Pour the mirror glaze over the best of the cake till it begins operating down the sides

    Gently use a spatula to scrape off the extra glaze

    Lovely, smooth, and glossy glaze

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    Turnip greens

    Turnip greens

    These Southern-fashion turnip greens complement fried chicken, ham, and pork chops nicely, and they go nicely with just about any primary dish. A word of caution: never fail to remember the cornbread! Southerners might even refuse to consume them with out freshly baked cornbread or cornbread muffins. And never drain the greens right after they are cooked! The "potlikker" is an important component of the dish.

    If you are using fresh turnip greens with turnip connected, you may well want to use the total plant. Wash, peel, and minimize a turnip into one/4-inch cubes and cook it correct along with the greens. The diced turnip root adds color, taste, and texture to the greens.

    If you or members of your household are vegetarian, omit the bacon and saute the onions in 2 tablespoons of olive oil or butter. Use vegetable broth as an alternative of chicken stock and include some fresh diced tomatoes just just before serving.

    This dish can be manufactured with collard greens, kale, or mustard greens as nicely. Or make the recipe with a blend of greens.

    Southern greens are normally served with pepper vinegar sauce. If you don't have pepper vinegar sauce, serve them with your favorite hot sauce or plain apple cider vinegar.

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    Slow cooker pot roast

    Slow cooker pot roast

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    Greatest Slow Cooker Pot Roast that leaves you with tender meat, veggies and a created in gravy to get pleasure from them all with in just 15 minutes of prep! Excellent weeknight dinner!

    Ultimate Slow Cooker Pot Roast is a ideal weeknight meal you can make with minor hard work the morning of and you can even prep the evening before. This pot roast recipe is a pared down edition of a recipe I employed to use and adapted to give to client’s who’s kids were going off on their personal.

    They wished simple recipes they could make that would remind them of the meals I had produced for them. This dish delivers on that guarantee offering a warm, hearty, healthful meal with minor cooking expertise essential and even without having searing the meat you’ll have a delightful meal! The wonderful issue about this Ultimate Slow Cooker Pot Roast is that the complete meal actually is manufactured in 1 place. We like to serve it with a side salad to add a fresh flavor to the meal but for wintery weather and active weeknights this is fairly significantly the gold standard for us for tasty meals!

    You can add in other herbs and greens as you would like. We love playing with including different root veggies like turnips and parsnips, often we add onion or sweet potatoes. In the fall we enjoy different squash as well. This dish can be adjusted to your favored veggies with no problems!

    Looking for more slow cooker recipes? They’re a favorite all around here, here are just a couple of of them:

    Some rapid guidelines about this Greatest Slow Cooker Pot Roast:

    Tools Used in the Generating of this Greatest Slow Cooker Pot Roast:
    Slow Cooker: Enjoy this slow cooker and how programmable it is, it has been a workhorse for me… until…
    My New Slow Cooker: This recipe was produced in this slow cooker. For bigger roasts I also brown the meat in the insert and not drop a bunch of the flavor by transferring the meat and leaving the browned bits behind. If you’re contemplating of a new slow cooker, consider it if your price range is open.
    Better Than Bouillon: I use this for most recipes the place I call for broth (I have it in Chicken, Vegetable, Beef and Mushroom (I adore this one for adding umami flavor to issues). Its so effortless to just add a spoonful to some water and it is just beef broth that has had the water cooked out of it.

    Turkey hash

    Ingredients 4 ounces olive oil 2 red onions, diced 1 red bell pepper, julienne 1 green bell pepper, julienne two jalapenos, diced, and...