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Corn dip

Corn dip



My daughter had me make this for a get togetIt was definitely amazing. I was astonished as to how the elements blended with each other. This is a single recipe that Spice wasn't a issue. It truly is 1 of my prime ten favorites now.

I include chopped green, yellow, and orange bell peppers, regular onions, an further can of chopped green chilis, and Tons AND Plenty AND Plenty OF TABASCO SAUCE. This is the secret weapon to make your corn dip above the best from all other folks. Trust ME. AND BY THE WAY. YOU Much better USE THE Huge SCOOPS FRITOS WITH THIS. Nothing ELSE WILL DO. (taste-sensible …..and sturdy-smart. )

My family members loves this dip. I usually use frozen corn as an alternative of the canned. I also include 1-2 tsp of cumin and one tsp of garlic salt. Refrigerating overnight makes a big big difference in taste. It's also excellent when heated, but we like it very best when cold. It makes alot! I typically lower it in half if it is not for a party.

A word to the sensible: If you like Miracle Whip (and I do), I would NOT advise utilizing it in location of the mayonnaise in this recipe. The taste of M-whip will overpower the wonderful flavors of this dip (yes, even more than the Jalapenos!). A good friend created this recipe for Christmas with standard mayo it was so fantastic I had to make it for my very own get-together. I just manufactured it now with M-Whip (because that's what I had in the home, and what I only ever get). I typically do not use plain mayo in anything, but in this situation, I WILL make the exception in the long term. The recipe is not fully ruined, but my friend's was Significantly better with plain mayo, and I'm disappointed that mine for New Year's won't be as very good simply because of the MWhip. Let us just hope she brings it to share, and I will not have to bring mine out at all :)Edit to Include: All is not lost! Irishguy recommended heating it up, so I tossed a spoonful of it in the nuker for 30 seconds, and WAH-LAH! What an wonderful variation! The MWhip is barely detectable, and I will be serving this heated as an alternative of chilled. THANK YOU, IRISHGUY!

Really tasty! I misread the recipe and utilised one can every of yellow and white corn as effectively as the Mexicorn. Subbed minimal body fat substances for the total fat ones with no discernible big difference and did not use pepper Jack cheese or jalapeo as there had been young youngsters at the function.

I agree with irishguy, this recipe needs to be served warm! YUM! I place a small volume in the microwave and it was awesome. A great deal far better than serving cold. Try out it!

Delightful! At every party I have brought this to, people have raved about it. It is simple to make and my total household loves it, even the little ones. It is coming with me superbowl sunday, by requsest!

I attempted this when I 1st made it and was a tiny unimpressed. It was excellent, but not excellent. Then I added a dash or two of cumin and chili powder and baked it in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes. Enormous Big difference. It was a hit at the celebration I took it to. Served it with Mission totilla strips and I utilised frozen yellow and white corn, not canned

I experimented with this when I 1st manufactured it and was a little unimpressed. It was great, but not fantastic. Then I additional a dash or two of cumin and chili powder and baked it in the oven at 375 for about thirty minutes. Large Big difference. It was a hit at the party I took it to. Served it with Mission totilla strips.

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