Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Baked tortellini

Baked tortellini

Baked Tortellini

Baked Tortellini is a single of the simplest recipes you can make for the complete loved ones.

Envision cheese filled tortellini doused in your preferred pasta sauce and loaded with two kinds of cheese, this tortellini casserole is so tasty.

The best point about this recipe is that the lively time is ten minutes but it feeds the total loved ones. There is no problem to make the dish as you can get every thing in the supermarkets.

Fresh vs. Frozen Tortellini

You can get fresh and frozen tortellini at the shops. Purchase them fresh if they are available, if not, you can always cook and bake frozen tortellini in the oven.

Nonetheless, for the very best final results, I typically parboil frozen tortellini in sizzling boiling water for a minute or so just before baking them in the oven.

How Do You Make Baked Tortellini?

To make baked tortellini, you need to have the following components:

Initial, you parboil the tortellini. Then you transfer them to a baking dish and combine with the pasta sauce.

Soon after that, you best the tortellini with the cheese and bake in oven.

The baked tortellini will be done when the cheese melts and turn golden brown.

For my recipe, I used mini tortellini simply because I just enjoy almost everything mini. Issues just seem to be far better when they are mini sized.

Nonetheless, you can use regular sized tortellini. Try this Cheesy Baked Tortellini recipe, I am positive you will love it.

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